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Have you ever thought that you are a failure? Are things not happening as planned? Do you always get results different from your expectations?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then maybe you are jinx. Kidding aside, you are most probably a pessimistic person. You always think that you bring bad luck to the people around you, or you are always in misery. BUT! Worry no more, because here is something that will make you feel better – and will make you feel that you are not a total failure.

Here is a website that showcases different levels of failure around the world. If you are experiencing bad days, just type “” in your browser’s address box and, voila! You won’t even notice that you’re already smiling! This very entertaining site allows people from the different parts of the globe to upload or share pictures, videos, or what-have-yous, which display failures in any topic. is the venue for people who want to feel good after a long, tiring, or bad day as it is living up with its tagline, helping you feel better about yourself everyday.

The Best Failure (in my opinion)

Failblog also has a channel on YouTube, and it has hundreds of videos which will make us, viewers, laugh our hearts out because of the very entertaining videos of all sorts of failures. One video featured on this channel is Language Fail – wherein a Bulgarian woman was auditioning in a singing competition equivalent to “American Idol”. She sang “Without You” by Mariah Carey with lyrics she thought were English words. The woman, Valentina Hasan, became famous in the Internet realm and had numerous TV appearances in Spain and Bulgaria.

as sung by Valentina: “ken lee, tulibudibudouchoo”; translation: “can’t live, if living is without you” funny! =))

You may also visit Engrish Funny and Fail Book if the entries are not enough to make you happy.

These videos or pictures present failures that are very funny indeed, and can really take away our sadness during those off days. Other people’s failures can be our source of joy – schadenfreude. We must remember though, that these are just for our entertainment. And on a personal note, we shouldn’t be drowned in sadness when we fail. We must, instead, turn these failures into motivations to draw out some positivity in us and move forward in life.


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Setting the Mood for Collaboration

Collaboration – As I hear this word, music comes to mind. Different musical artists collaborate and share their music styles to create new ones that would cater to the changing tastes of the publics. I find collaborations very interesting and effective as most of these create hits. The fans of these people join forces to patronize the songs of their musical influences; therefore more people are also able to share the music and appreciate each collaborator.

Could two people collaborate?

Why, yes. Taking the context out of music, and generalizing the term, collaboration “is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals” (Wikipedia) Collaboration is a process which is applicable for two or more people as long as each person in the pair or group contributes and participates in the projects, activities, or decision-making processes.

Collaboration can be applied in all fields – music, business, education, and technology, and yes, new social media in organizations. This is through the use of wikis. Groups and organizations use wikis for both internal and external communication purposes. A wiki “is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.” ( By definition, the success of a wiki is a collaborative effort. This software allows persons to edit information in real-time and in WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) format. Aside from internal and external communication between and among organizations, wikis may also be for personal use.

What now?

This entry is a teaser for an upcoming wiki workshop which is set to happen (hopefully) on September 18 2010. I would also like to remind our class of this model which we learned in one of our major courses.

I’m pretty sure that when we start editing each other’s work in a wiki, certain decision-making acts will be done. Will your group be unassertive and uncooperative and avoid editing the other group’s work? Will your group be assertive but uncooperative and let each other down for competition instead of putting each other up? Will your group just accept everything that has been edited in your page without being assertive of your group decisions? Will your group settle for mediocrity and be content of whatever “seems” good for everyone? Or will your group be both assertive and cooperative to think of solutions which would mutually satisfy all the other groups’ needs?

Please make sure to bring a laptop (one per group) and a loaded broadband plug-in for the wiki workshop next week (September 18). Prizes await those who will do well in our activity! =D


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Help feed the children by simply watching these videos. 🙂

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Podcasting Pros

Workshops are a fun way of learning, especially if you are rewarded for a job well done. Our social media class is having a series of workshops on the different social media tools such as micro-blogging, wikis, social networking sites, and podcasting. The first of the series is podcasting, and in general, it was a success. However, there were some points lacking in the workshop, as mentioned by Sir Barry. An example would be, “What are the benefits of the use of podcasts in organizations?”; and I would like to share some answers to this question.

“a podcast is downloadable, episodic, programme-driven, and convenient”

Increase an organization’s visibility online.

Why, yes? Of course! With the appropriate tags in the podcast, locating the organization will be much easier. Information about the organization will be more known and there will be a lot of potential for sharing, especially if the content is tailor-fit to the target publics. Web 2.0 also has these podcast directories that contain hundreds and thousands of podcasts classified according to their theme, organizations, chronological order, or what-have-you. This simply means that podcast directories are like telephone directories. It gives you the space and it’s for the people to search. Podcasts also increase the exposure of organizations for search engines to put them in the first page of their search results.

Spell innovation!

The use of podcasts as a communication tool internally and externally in organizations is innovative, especially in the Philippine context of organizations. There may be a few companies using podcasts PR, advertising, or internal communication tools but not a lot of people know about it. I believe that Philippine organizations that will pioneer the use of podcasts for appropriate products or services will be successful in fulfilling the profit goal. Once the podcast is used in the right time, with the right types of products, it will yield positive effects toward the organization and the consumers. Also, a podcast is a cost-efficient way of promoting products or services. A recording device, an editing software, and some well-crafted content are only needed for this tool. It is online, too. Therefore, it certainly reaches the networks and communities online, in real-time.

“audio + rss feed = podcast”

Enhance message delivery.

Podcasts can help establish relationships with its listeners or viewers. These episodic goodies give the companies a voice that represents them as an organization. Listening to, or sometimes just hearing voices make the message seem more conversational and personal; rather than using the usual marketing tools or organizational symbols. Podcasts are feedback avenues, too. This benefits both the consumer and the organization. For the consumers, uploading a self-made podcast may be an effective way of commenting, reacting on, or suggesting to an organization’s product or service. On the other hand, the organization may respond to the given feedback through its own podcasts, as well.

More, and more brand advocates!

Podcasts can create and keep more brand advocates. Since podcasts are downloadable, more people can access it. Podcasts can reach new prosumers. The belief that podcasts are only for iPods is not true. Apple, Inc is just so powerful that their term “podcast” sounded cooler and better than the original term “webcast”. Aside from that, podcasts’ subscription feature allows its consumers and prospective brand advocates to be constantly informed and entertained at the same time. The latest news about companies’ new products or services can be easily delivered to its consumers. The updates are automatic. Therefore, there is less effort for us – convenience. It can keep us abreast with all the news about the competitors, or for the organization’s plans of innovation or expansion.

“the world is listening”

Did I miss something? Write them below, and let me know. 🙂


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Can Social Media Complete My Identity?

Dela Cruz – I must admit that my surname connotes something negative in the Philippine context. No offense meant to other people whose surname is the same as mine, or has “dela Cruz” as a middle name; but I grew up learning that a lot of people imprisoned for committing crimes of different degrees is a “Dela Cruz” or “dela Cruz”. Most of them are hold-uppers, snatchers, or rapists. However, I do believe that it’s just happens to be like that. I bet we all know that “Dela Cruz” is the most common Filipino surname, aside from Santos, Cruz, and the other Delos and Delas. We also know that “Dela Cruz” is the surname of Juan – the Philippine version of Uncle Sam or John Doe and the representation of the Filipinos, only that he wears a Barong Tagalog and a Salakot. Most of the time, he is pictured as a puppet of imperialism and his effigy is burned down by activists during protest rallies.

a happy Juan Dela Cruz (from Wikipedia)

With all these things associated with my surname, I say I’m still proud to be a Dela Cruz. Whatever my surname is, how I project myself to people and who I really am still matters the most. It’s not in the surname, maybe; but someone with a common name has lots of chances to be mistaken for someone he or she is not. The situation of these people is very crucial in Web 2.0. They are very much prone to be mistaken as someone else and it will be hard for them to maintain a reputation. Therefore, it is important for people with common names to differentiate themselves by projecting a unique selling proposition in the cyberworld. That way, they may be able to establish themselves as a different “Juan Dela Cruz” from others.

The surname Dela Cruz came from my father’s mother. It’s a long story as to why and how it became so; but for the record, Dela Cruz is my legal but not my real surname. It’s unfortunate how a single mistake can change people’s lives. The event that triggered the writing of this blog is the genealogy requirement for my Anthropology 185 class. We were asked to track down our roots and draw our family trees from the siblings of our grandparents to us. This made me on the look out, again, for information about my father’s father.

not much of an extended family

Thank you to the Internet, for it has raised my hopes in gaining information about someone who’s surely dead by now. (He was almost 80 years old in 1987.) The last time I tried to look for him was when I was graduating from high school. The only thing I want to know now is how he was as a person, and that I got from social media. I started with Google. I typed his name, Joseph Brown Schneider, on the search engine. There is nothing about him. Then, I visited a lot of websites that are specifically catering to people who want to trace their ancestors. I went to,,,, InGenes Database, Kindred Konnection, National Archive and Records Administration, and, and I found a lot of names similar but not the same as his. Since I also do not have adequate information about him, I lost the confidence to look for him anymore. The only thing my father has of him is a 1987 article with a photo from Manila Bulletin. I figured that if I contact the writer of the article, I may get oriented about him. I turned to Facebook, and there was a positive response.

I will forever be grateful to you, Ms Jackie.

I’m still waiting for Ms Jackie’s Facebook message that would contain more information about my biological grandfather. I will always be grateful to her because if not for her article, I will know nothing about him. I learned that he’s a funny and soft spoken piano professor, and I’m hoping to know more. How I wish he knew about his grandchildren. Evidences from my father’s family prove that he knew about my father. Maybe it’s because of fate that they never met ever since Papa was two. But still, thank you to the Internet, most especially to Facebook, for it has sewed a patch in my incomplete identity.

To my grandfather, I don’t even know how to address you. I always wish to meet you. I wanted to know what I got from you, and how you were as a person. I once wished to sit on your lap, hold your long, white beard, just like Santa Claus. Yes, I am happy where I am now; but I know I will be happier if we were able to get in touch. You’re probably dead by now, but I hope this will reach you up there. Please be with us and guide us, too – if not for me, then at least for my father. I love you po.


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Love or Bread? Can it not be BOTH?

No, this is not about the Taiwanese series that was once showed here in the Philippines. This is not about choosing between you other half and your future. This is about the dedication, passion, and love we put in all the favorite things we do – like writing, reading, eating, cooking, studying (?), and for some, baking!

“Everything that is made with love is delicious.” This statement may summarize what Hearts and Flours Cakes & Breads shop is all about. So, is there no need for me to make a social media release of it? Nah, I want to let people know of this bread shop. This place is dear to me, to us OrCom students, or even to the UP Manila studentry, because this is where most of our requirements (i.e. blogs) are done. People need to know about this humble little place in Malate, so they too, can enjoy the treats that we are experiencing.

Press Release + Social Media = Social Media Release

Most organizations are used to issuing press releases in order to inform its stakeholders the updates on their respective companies. This practice exhibits one-way communication from the organization to its publics. Before, we are used to hearing news from organizations, and most of the time we just let the information out of our ears. People nowadays seldom entertain that kind of communication flow. What we want today is something that we can react to, that the organizations will know about. And what best way to make ourselves heard is through social media.

All of us can now be opinion leaders. A social media release is one way of being an opinion leader. Basically, a social media release is a press release published online. Based on my observation, there are a number of differences between these two. First, the format of these two differs in such a way that photos, videos, and links can be put in social media releases. In press releases, however, text and photos are the only things that can be published. And second, there may be differences in the level of formality of the content. Social media release contents seem to be in a more conversational manner than press releases. This time, one can share it through forwarding it to friends or reposting it on social networking sites. People may also comment on it, and some may eventually be inspired to do their own.

Let’s just say that I am inspired to do one. HAHA! So, here’s my attempt of publishing a social media release on Hearts and Flours Cakes & Breads shop in Malate, Manila.

you be the judge 😐 comments are so welcome 🙂

Can it be love AND bread? With Hearts and Flours, it CAN be BOTH.


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